Central Bay

A pleasant area centrally located near the bay.

Hotly contested by the Drama and Comedy parties, with a significant Sci-Fi presence rivaling the Action/Adventure party.


The Walking Dead              Action/Adventure

Longmire                               Action/Adventure

Bob's Burgers                       Animation

Better Call Saul                    Comedy

Silicon Valley                        Comedy

Arrested Development         Comedy

House of Cards                    Drama

Sherlock                               Drama

Suits                                     Drama

Outlander                             Fantasy

Ash vs. The Evil Dead         Horror

Humans                               Sci-Fi

Black Mirror                         Sci-Fi


South Town

A Lovely Town Located in the South of the southern area.

A highly contested Constituency with strong representation from all parties. Possibly the toughest race in the election.


Luke Cage                          Action/Adventure

Mike Tyson Mysteries        Action/Adventure

Strikeback                          Action/Adventure

Rick and Morty                  Animation

Atlanta                               Comedy

South Park                        Comedy

Mind Hunter                      Drama

The Crown                        Drama

Supernatural                     Fantasy

Stranger Things                Horror

Westworld                         Sci-Fi

Doctor Who                       Sci-Fi


East River

Either East of a River, or a River to the East. Depends on who you ask.

A solid comedy district with some very strong competitors. The other genre-parties are putting up some strong competition against this constituency of laughs.


Jessica Jones                                   Action/Adventure

Arrow                                                Action/Adventure

Archer                                                        Animation

Fargo                                                         Comedy

Curb Your Entusiasm                                Comedy

It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia               Comedy

Narcos                                                       Drama

The Americans                                          Drama

Legion                                                       Fantasy

Game of Thrones                                      Fantasy

American Horror Story                              Horror

The Orville                                                Sci-Fi


West Village

The West Village, a beautiful Constituency to pretend to have an election in.

An interesting District with a number of alumni of Netflix, and Critical darlings. Few Long Running shows but has the oldest of the Candidates.


Daredevil                                 Action/Adventure

The Last Kingdom                   Action/Adventure

TrollHunters                            Action/Adventure

The Simpsons                        Animation

Bojack Horseman                  Comedy

Modern Family                      Comedy

Mr. Robot                              Drama

Orange is the New Black     Drama

The Leftovers                       Drama

The Good Place                   Fantasy

The X Files                           Horror

Dirk Gently                           Sci-Fi

The Expanse                        Sci-Fi



A Genre with broad support and wide array of shows to keep voters interested. Action/Adventure keeps people hooked.





Mike Tyson Mysteries


The Last Kingdom

Luke Cage

The Walking Dead

Jessica Jones




With some of the longest running and most discussed shows around, the comedy genre is o Laughing matter.


Arrested Development


It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia

Bojack Horseman

Curb Your Entusiasm

Modern Family

Silicon Valley

South Park


Better Call Saul



A show for everyone, and something to say to them. Interesting characters, settings and themes. Drama takes it's contests seriously.




The Leftovers

The Americans

House of Cards

Mr. Robot


The Crown

Orange is the New Black

Mind Hunter



Sci-Fi has long had its iconic shows for the small screen, and nowadays is not different. Which show that is however....


The Expanse

Black Mirror

Dirk Gently


Doctor Who

The Orville




A party made up of Odd-Balls unconcerned with being realistic. Fantasy has a dream to sell to every voter.


Game of Thrones




The Good Place



Not your kids Animation Party. Many long running and adult or family targeted shows. Animation has never had broader support.


Rick and Morty


The Simpsons

Bob's Burgers



One of the most overlooked parties, by critics and audiences. However Horror still draws in audiences to take a peek behind the curtain.


Stranger Things

Ash vs. The Evil Dead

The X Files

American Horror Story